“Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow isn’t here yet; so, what are you going to do with today?”
— Mother Teresa (Paraphrased)

Volunteer Application

*Please note that if you’d like to work with children, you will also need to fill out information for a background check.

Dress Code: It is important to dress modestly and wear weather appropriate clothing. We suggest that you do not wear expensive clothes/jewelry and not bring any valuables.

Volunteer Opportunities (check all that apply)

For your safety, FOCAS encourages that while volunteering you do not give any personal information to individuals during your time with or after your time with FOCAS. IF you give your personal information to any individual such as phone number, email address, mailing address, etc. you may be opening yourself up to unwanted contact. Children 17 & under must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. Children volunteers will abide by Children Volunteer Policy. Some neighborhoods are prone to violence.

For your safety, FOCAS maintains a no-fraternization policy. DO NOT FRATERNIZE, flirt with, or give any personal information to any staff, volunteers, community service workers, or others encountered during your time with or after your time with FOCAS. ANY contact with ANY person MUST be approved of by a FOCAS Leader.

Please read the FOCAS Social Agreement. You will be asked to verify that you agree to it's contents.

If you are under the age of 18, you must have a parent or legal gaurdian agree to the above volunteer application and delcaration of volunteering relationship. A signature will be required at a later time.