“God has placed me here to allow His light to shine and encourage people.” — Brandon Welch, Chaplain

Scott Bowers
Executive Director & President

Tom Lipsey
Director of Operations

Melissa Reinert
Communications Coordinator

Vicky Gentry
Administrative Assistant

CJ Stephens
Chaplain Lord’s Gym Queensgate

Brandon Welch
STreet Outreach Ministry (STORM) Chaplain

Danny Gomez
Youth Chaplain

James Duncan
Chaplain Lord’s Gym Covington


“The work we are doing literally saves lives in this life and the next.” — Yolanda Carter, Board Chairwoman

Yolanda Carter – Chairwoman

                               – Vice Chairman

Rob Brinkley – Secretary

Ellen Tischler Seagraves – Treasurer

Rodger Mishler – Member

Burr Robinson – Member

Steve Peterson – Member

Johnny Alexander – Member