“I was looking for something to do to stop human trafficking and I learned it was right in my back yard. So I volunteer on the bus. I’ve never been more sure about what I’m supposed to do.” – Diane, Volunteer

Street Outreach Ministry a.k.a. STORM
The Lord’s Gym Ministries, through its STORM Search and Rescue initiative, mobilizes a 14 passenger shuttle bus, filled with volunteers, food, and supplies to search out our friends who are trapped in human trafficking and help to get them off of the streets of Greater Cincinnati. The bus can also be equipped to feed and serve people in under resourced neighborhoods, which it does on designated evenings from May to October. We encourage churches to help us in this ministry who might be willing to partner with us. Ideally, we would like to recruit teams of 3 women to be part of our team that goes out to help get women off of the street caught up in human trafficking. If you are interested please sign up via our Volunteer Section.

The purpose of this ministry is to foster relationships with God, staff, and volunteers to change these women’s lives. In time, trust is built, hearts are softened and life-changing decisions are made.


Operating hours: Tuesdays and Fridays

Volunteer opportunities

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