Most of us know, or know of, someone who has been hurt by some form of addiction. Perhaps it involves someone in your family? The pain is real and at times – devastating. Addiction kills and destroys families – especially our youth! It is no respecter of one’s age, background, race, or neighborhood.

The Youth Resiliency Adventure is a VIRTUAL youth oriented/family athletic event that is held the entire month of October each year. This virtual event is focused on Addiction Prevention targeting At-Risk Youth and Young Adults.

It costs just $21 to register

You pick the distance you want to cover in October by either walking, running or biking. Invite your friends and family to join you or sponsor you for a flat fee or $1 or more a mile.

The net proceeds will be used to fund addiction prevention programs at Lord’s Gym Ministries targeting at-risk youth and young adults in the greater Cincinnati Tri-State area.

Youth Resiliency Adventure kicks off on October 1st. That will be the first day to start tracking your distances. Your last tracking day is October 31st.  You have until the end of the day on Oct. 31st to submit your distances and any money you raised in order to be eligible to WIN A PRIZE. You can sign up now to start fund-raising by simply going to Your commitment to the Youth Resiliency Adventure lets us work together in our community. Our combined effort will create or enhance programs in preventing youth addiction. Together, we can make a difference in the Tri-State and the country.

Having now through September to prepare, it could not be easier requiring only 4 basic steps:

1 – Select a distance to either Ride a bike, Run, or Walk during the month of May and start training. (FYI – You will need a digital device such as a mobile phone or smart watch to record your miles.) ALL miles biked, ran, or walked in the month of October will count! Example: If you run track all of your training miles can count. If you walk a marathon or walk the dog, your miles will count! If you BMX all over the neighborhood or ride your bike to work your miles will count.

2 – Register on the website,,  by clicking on the “Register” Button.

3 – Tell your friends and family what you are doing, and ask them to sponsor you for each mile you ride, run, or walk or a flat amount if that is easier. Use the fundraising and social media tools provided via your personal registration page.

4 – Challenge your family members, friends, youth group, co-workers, neighbors, etc to do it with you. Just send them a link to this website and let them know what your plans are.