Prizes for youth...

Did you know that there are prizes for both youth and adults who cover the farthest distance in the categories of walking, running and biking during October’s Youth Resiliency Adventure?

Here’s a peek at what youth (age 18 and under) have a chance to win.

  • The youth who raises the most funds will receive a $1000 savings bond.In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by who went the greatest distance.
  • The youth who walks the greatest distance wins a pair of urbeats3.
  • The youth that runs the greatest distance wins aFitBit Versa Lite Edition.
  • The youth who bikes the greatest distance wins a Fuji Red Ace 650 Bike.

Join the Youth Resiliency Adventure; and, make moves to make a difference during National Substance Abuse Prevention Month! Visit to register now.

The Youth Resiliency Adventure month-long virtual athletic event for youth and adults to either Walk, Run, or Bike a personal distance goal during the month of October. 

The Youth Resiliency Adventure, promoted on social media with the hashtag, #YRAdventure2nAddiction, was created to raise funds to prevent youth addiction, increase awareness of youth addiction, and encourage healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.