In 2020, we welcome a new chairperson, Yolanda Carter.

Yolanda, 50, of Union, has served on the Lord’s Gym Ministries Board for a year. She has volunteered with the organization for 17 years.

Since introduced to Lord’s Gym Ministries, Yolanda has felt compelled by the heart the organization has for communities in need.

“The leadership and staff that are really living into being the arms, heart and legs for Jesus to those who don’t know Him or those who have accepted Him and are now on the path to living out their faith in their daily lives.”

Yolanda said the work “we do literally saves lives in this life and the next.” She said it never ceases to amaze her to watch the Lord “work His magic all across the Tri-state area.”

According to Yolanda, being board chair, means you are to be a resource, to unlock the potential of others, and grow the network of people and organizations helping to bring Lord’s Gym Ministries vision and mission to life.

As chairwoman, she wants to:

  • Learn.  “I want to grow closer to those we serve to understand their needs.”
  • Share.  “I want to work with partner organizations and individuals to share our vision and mission to bring them along on our journey and grow our outreach.”
  • Grow.  “I also want to support our staff in growing our leadership capabilities as our ministry grows to help ensure we are all equipped to fulfill what God has called us to do in this community and beyond.”

Yolanda’s top tree goals as board chair are:

  1. Ensuring we fulfill Lord’s Gym Ministries’ mission: GO to people in need in Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods, creating safe places, demonstrating God’s love in practical ways by declaring the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit, developing disciples for Christ and encouraging self-responsibility.

  2. Helping to create a sustainable financial model that support’s our mission today and in the future.

  3. Building the ability to be fluid and flexible to God’s will.

This chair appointment marks the first time a woman has officially taken the helm. Yolanda, however, doesn’t consider herself to actually be the first woman taking the lead.

“I have a firm conviction that Ann Taylor worked hand in hand with (her husband) Dick to shape and bring this ministry to life,” Yolanda said. “She was an amazing leader with a heart for those in need and an inspiration for me. I hope to be able to continue her legacy…leadership is comes in many forms all of which require a servants heart, a love of people and a powerful prayer life and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit when leading for God.”