Learning about Jesus, football and life...

Raising your grandchildren alone is tough.

Theresa is thankful for Lord’s Gym Ministries for their support and care.

“I’m trying to make things good for my grandchildren,” she said. “They deserve good things. Lord’s Gym is a big help.”

She’s especially grateful for this year’s football program.

“I think this is a great thing,” she said. “Without programs like this, there’s nothing for the kids to do. It’s not good for kids to get bored. Sometimes it even causes trouble. This is a much better way.”

She signed both her grandchildren Gannicus, 5, and Kaydence, 8, to be a part of the Lord’s Gym Panthers Football Team. Last week, both attended the Panther’s football camp organized by Lord’s Gym, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Sports Reach.

On Tuesday morning, Theresa sat on the sidelines as volunteers taught the football basics to her and many others on the field at Idea Park in Price Hill.

“This is really a good thing for my grandkids,” she said. “Gannicus is a bit clumsy an he doesn’t follow directions very well. I believe this will help with that and burn off some of this energy.”

The camp and program is a good outlet for her granddaughter, she said because she is naturally competitive.

“This program will teach her how to win and lose right,” Theresa said. “Right now whenever she loses at anything she cries and gets very upset. This is going to get some of that out of her.”

Best of all, according to Theresa, she knows her children are loved here.

“They are cared about at Lord’s Gym,” she said. “The football program and this camp is also teaching them a lot. The are learning about respect. That can be something that’s hard to get through to a kid, especially these days.”

Zach Arington, with the Arington Foundation and Sports Outreach said the volunteers at the camp played in college and “love the Lord and want to help the kids in Price Hill.”

“These kids are great,” he said. “We’re super glad they are here. This camp is more than just about teaching them about football, but also that there are people who love and want to spend time with them.”

To Dennis, a dad in Price Hill, this means the world to him and his son Josh, 7.

“This is really a great thing,” he said. “We appreciate it. Not only is Josh learning about football but he’s learning about God and Jesus and that’s awesome. I really like that. That is really cool.”

Josh’ sister Alyssa said she’s excited for her brother to be in the football program.

“He has a lot of energy,” she said. “This will help and maybe he won’t tackle me!”

According to Dennis the football program gets kids in the community off to a good start in life.

“Football really teaches you a lot about life. It shows you how to be a team player, be disciplined and how to take constructive criticism. It also keeps the kids busy doing something positive,” Dennis said.