Board Update Part 1...

Rodger Mishler and Mike Miller have retired from the board and we welcome Steve Peterson and Johnny Alexander. This issue we will highlight Steve; the next issue, Johnny. We are very grateful to our board.

Steve 56, can relate to many of the men who walk through the doors at the Lord’s Gyms. He once struggled with addiction.

In his 40s, while in Cleveland, Steve lived across the street from a church. Church goers would frequent his porch to speak with and pray for him. “They wore me down,” he laughed. Their kindness and persistence changed his heart.

Steve eventually came to Cincinnati and got on his road to recovery. He began working at Lord’s Gym, after several years of

working out and volunteering. Now he serves on the board.

“This ministry is important to me first because it was there to help me as a client in recovery – helping me grow physically and mentally and spiritually,” he said. “It also provided an outlet to give back what I had been given. It is definitely an important part of this tri-state area and the people it serves.”

Next week we will feature new Board Member Johnny Alexander.