Board Update Part 2...


Last week we hihglighted new board member Steve Peterson; this week we will focus on Johnny Alexander.

Johnny became involved with Lord’s Gym Ministries through the bicycle program. He volunteered to repair bicycles with our youth.

“I immediately became interested in all the wonderful things the Lord’s Gym is doing and I wanted to be involved,” he said. “For me it’s about a connection to the city and serving Christ in a meaningful way – helping out the people in our city who are hurting the most.”

Johnny, 47, came to know Jesus in 1992, his freshman year at Miami University. He ran track and joined the Christian organization Athletes in Action, where he learned what life was like with a relationship with Jesus.

Excited to be a part of the board, Johnny hopes it will be an opportunity to continue growing in the Lord. He’s also excited to “come along side others following Jesus who are working to change hearts and show others Jesus.”