Experience how the hope of the Gospel doesn't disappoint...

Scott here.
In case you missed our Lord’s Gym Ministries Community Awareness LIVE Virtual event, here is a link for you to watch it at a more convenient time: www.LordsGymMinistries.org.
Also, while we mention that viewers can invest via the donate button in the upper right corner of www.LordsGymMinistries.org, and TEXT “Register” to 513-540-4005, viewers can still mail in a personal check made payable to:
PO Box 5099
Cincinnati, OH 45205
Thank you for viewing and sharing it with your friends, family, and church. Consider sending me an email or text (513-300-0285) to let me know what you think of our 30 minute presentation of the impact God is having through the ministry – especially in light of Covid-19. Stand firm.