If you could ask America one question, what would it be?

I am overwhelmed and grateful for the interest so many of our friends, volunteers, and partners have shown toward my big adventure riding the TransAm bicycle trail starting May 3rd. Time is moving so quickly; 6 weeks to go and counting. Besides trying to get the ministry positioned for my 3-month absence, I am training both in the Lord’s Gym and riding my new specially configured bike around Cincinnati – especially the hills. I am both excited and have the occasional fear factor that briefly runs through my thoughts.  


Please continue to pray for my journey by asking God for traveling mercies and to lead me during my special alone time with the Lord. In addition, please pray that He watches over Betsy and our ministry.


I’d like to invite you to send me any prayer requests you have and I will pray for them while on my journey. I’d also like to invite you to submit a question you’d like to ask America. As I meet people along the way I may be asking them various questions to get a taste for America’s response.


Financial support is still greatly appreciated which can be done on line at https://bit.ly/2NJGcE6. As another giving option, I have also have a gift registry at https://www.yradventure.com/scotts-yra/.


My goal is to report in each day to share a fun story and encouraging word. You can follow me on Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/scott.bowers.9693 and Instagram. Also, please be sure to get updates via our email and FOCAS/Lord’s Gym Ministries social media connections too.


Blessings and Stand Firm