A Message from Bob Clarke

Each of us is living a unique story.  None of our stories are the same. Similar perhaps, but not the same.

You have an unfinished story, as do I. There are ups and downs, twists and turns and many surprises around each corner. Everyday our story line crosses paths with other characters in their own developing stories.

Early on, the plot line in my own story caused me to seek an understanding of the bigger picture of all of our combined stories. I became aware of the greatest Story of All.

In the beginning, the Self Existent One, GOD made all things and all things were good. Rebellion was allowed to enter the picture corrupting the whole human story.  But GOD, our Father, so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, to be Savior of the world.  Today, Jesus, whom GOD has raised from the dead, is at GOD’s right hand ruling and reigning as the Anointed One (Christ), Lord and Savior. Through the Spirit of God, Jesus is presently transforming human stories one at a time.  

In 1971, on Fountain Square, Cincinnati, my story was forever altered as two others shared the good news of God’s redemption with me.  In 1993, my story took a twist and turn as I joined with Dick Taylor and others to create a place of refuge and connection called the Lord’s Gym.  Through this effort I’ve been astounded by the thousands of paths crossed and thousands of stories altered by Jesus’ redemptive work.

Life for me takes another twist this March of 2020 as I retire from the Lord’s Gym team.  I’m thankful for all the friendships and wonderful memories from the Lord’s Gym that are now part of my story.

I await the adventure and grace in the next chapter….

Here is a spoiler…I know in the end GOD wins and love prevails!