Journal July 9, 2021: Take your time


  1. The tiniest thing can stop you or slow you down. 
  2. Slow down. Who said you will have time later?
  3. We are wired for an esthetic experience. Why else would we create scenic byways, lookout points, and beautiful park systems to see the amazing world God created?
  4. God will remind us of his Word. 
  5. What is your purpose?

How God showed up

  1. Why is a warm shower such a treat? Why does cold water and a simple Ramen Noodle dish cooked in a Jet-boil, amongst friends, satisfy after a hard day of riding? Why do I sleep so well in a cold night outside in my sleep system? Such simple things are blessings from God. Living a simple lifestyle on the road brings one closer to appreciating simple things that bring contentment.
  2. Taking in scenic byway after scenic byway over stimulates the senses. Riding so slowly across stunning landscapes affords you time to take it in and marvel at God’s creation and creativity. So, slow down and take time to appreciate what God has created in your own area of the country. Take the time now to do it, and do not assume you will have time later.
  3. Signs! Riding from state to state I see one sign that dominates yards – “Be Kind”!  Lately I have seen “Be Patient” included too. One location added the phrase “Be Cool” too. The last phrase aside, I see in these messages a reminder from God’s Word in Micah 6:8 – “What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and walk humbly with your God.”


Fascinated by the route of Lewis and Clarke through Montana and Bitterroot Mountains, Meriwether Lewis, age 31, at Big Hole basin was contemplating on his 31st birthday leading the infamous “Corp of Discovery” still felt he was seeking his purpose and desired to work harder in his efforts to better serve mankind. Granted, at 31 years old in 1805, one’s lifespan was shorter. Still, his contemplation is remarkable. Little did he know he would die at the age of thirty-five not long after his return from exploring and finding the Northwest passage that would lead to a large migration westward for the country’s expansion. 

 He, like pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback church ask the question, what is your purpose? Even as we get older, it’s not a bad question. Something to think about.

Lastly, the route westbound was discontinued! It was already there being used by indigenous Indians and for trappers from the Hudson Bay company. We just needed their help. Good ideas are hard to beat, including routes. In this region I am impressed how passageways became roads, and vistas remain remarkably unchanged. I am enjoying riding a part of their route, just slightly faster than their pace, and seeing much of the same views as they did. Lewis and Clarke did not give up when they did not find the initial watery passage. They hunkered down and pushed forward, hungry, tired, and cold to complete their mission – with the help of Indians and fur trappers. 

 Like one 71-year-old rider who rides via bike camping 6 months out of the year, slow down and appreciate the views more. Don’t assume you will have time later. 

Blessings and Stand Firm,


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