Journal June 9, 2021: God is a joy to be with


  1. God is a joy just to hang out with. Enjoy His presence in all things, especially while riding a bike.
  2. I take great encouragement posting each day on social media and hearing back from you. I feel like you are with me. 
  3. Living simply takes work and planning. 
  4. Take time to take care of your stuff.

How God showed up

  1. The weather, coming across Kansas, was unbelievably in our favor. Quartering tail winds, no rain, fog in the morning, and strong tail winds blowing us into Colorado. Normally one gets 20 to 30 mph headwinds and pop-up thunderstorms. 
  2. Being in awe of His endless landscapes that change and grow with each passing day. 
  3. Continuous provisions each day with a place to stay each night.
  4. His traveling mercies and meeting strangers who make time to talk with you.


Living simply is not so simple at times. As I travel across the country, I rely upon a bicycle, four saddle bags (panniers), a bike maintenance ensemble, a map, a smart phone, and a credit card. The four panniers handle:

Bag 1 = All camping gear. Aka, my home.

Bag 2 = Cycling clothes (2sets), casual clothes (1 set) and inclement weather clothes for 3 months, iPad and sandals.

Bag 3 = Food, personal items, and some meds to include emergency medical items.

Bag 4 = Stove, fuel, cookware, utensils, electronic items, spare tire, water filtration kit, snake bite kit, and repair kits for Bag 1.

Maintenance ensemble = spare tubes, tools, lube, pump, glasses, battery, spare bike parts like spokes, chain links, flashlight, and emergency medical kit/blanket, maps, Garmin Nav Aid.

Credit card and some cash.

This cycling nomadic lifestyle is best served as lightweight and simple as possible. After all, you have to pedal as light a bike as possible. On the other hand, you are going to be gone three months and will want some of the pleasures from home. What to do? What to do? After one serious long climb, and then a few more for good measure, one opts for lightness. 

The daily physicality of the riding is only part of the challenge. The other equally important challenges are self-management of keeping supplied, preventative bike maintenance, and keeping body, equipment, and clothes clean – or as clean as possible. When you have a drawer or closet full of options, a stocked kitchen, and a garage with multiple forms of combustion powered vehicles, things get easier. It doesn’t mean life still isn’t complicated. 

I am fortunate to be traveling and experiencing such a simple lifestyle with the ensuing challenges that come with the territory of the adventure cyclist. Moreover, it’s a great time to take inventory of the many blessings we receive daily from the Lord but have come to take for granted as though they are an entitlement. 

Living so simply, at the whims of the weather and terrain, to ride 60 miles each day has allowed me the benefit of simply enjoying God at the most fundamental and basic level I have experienced in quite a while. My dependence and appreciation of God’s faithfulness has been sharpened and become intentionally more focused. Perhaps living more simply is not so bad! 

Blessings and Stand Firm,


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