Journal July 22, 2021: Feeling Small


  1. I am grateful.
  2. I feel sort of small.
  3. Where can you go that God is not there or with you?

How God Showed Up

In one word – water! I was riding through Hells Canyon and about eight miles outside of Baker City. My last bottle of warm water had a few gulps left. I could make it to Baker, but I was thirsty. I was drawn to a roadside point of interest revealing the actual Oregon Trail, complete with worn tracks. I rolled to a stop and proceeded to explore. Moments later an RV pulled in and the couple joined me in the exploration. While walking back to our vehicles I asked if they had an extra bottle of water, they could part with, which they obliged me. In another instance, prior to departing Baker City, I was invited to dinner by a young couple, and we discussed my route across Oregon. He was a firefighter and schooled me on the local fire scene. In addition, he told me about a particular campsite and natural spring in Austin Junction where I planned to stay. The only store there was closed, and I was out of water. The spring was on the side of the road across from the campgrounds. People from the community were stopping and getting water too. It was not necessary to filter the water. 


I am sitting in my hotel room in Eugene, Oregon reflecting on this past week (11) and my last 11 weeks of riding. While I have many racing thoughts and things I still have to say, I calmed myself and prayed for words at this juncture. The words gratitude, grateful, and appreciative of a host of people come to mind. 

 As I head into my last week of riding to Astoria, Oregon I need to express my gratitude to God for making this marvelous experience a reality through His grace, traveling mercies, and abundant presence. He has blessed me with, what it seems to me, a praying army! Your prayers have and continue to sustain me. Betsy, my wife, has been such an encouragement and daily supporter. Yolanda Carter, Burr Robinson and our FOCAS board both approved and encouraged this undertaking with words and sweat equity. The ministry has not skipped a beat in my absence due to a highly competent and compassionate staff of Christ followers and comparable volunteers. Vicky Gentry has been in daily contact with me handling my traveling administrative details while sharing words of prayer and encouragement. I am grateful to Melissa who has kept you informed through emails and social media. My TransAm Cycling advisory team who checked in with me, especially through social media, throughout my trip. The many selfless and generous investors who made this TransAm experience a reality. My church at KBC and all the churches and individuals whom the Lord uses to support me and the ministry. For all of you I am grateful and thankful to God. My prayer is that God will bless each of you and the ministry in a most meaningful way that draws you closer to Christ and presents you more mature in Him. 

Blessings and Stand Firm,


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