A message from Chaplain Brandon in Price Hill

Today was one of those days I remember the Why.

Robert came into the gym needing a listening ear. He came in distraught over health issues, angry at himself for his alcoholism and frustrated with life in general. He needed a place to pour out his heart, he needed a place where he wouldn’t be judged, he needed a safe place to just be and he found it at the Lord’s Gym.

“My life is a nightmare, but I don’t stop praying or believing and I won’t stop coming here because it gives me hope,” he said.

He told me with the issues he was facing, the temptation to just sit at his house and isolate was extremely strong but he was determined to make the 2-mile trek because it was good for his soul. We prayed, conversed, and after all that I saw him connecting with other gym members.

Shortly before he arrived, Chris came up to me and said: “I am ready for detox can you still help me?”

As we were waiting for a call back from the detox center he started opening up about being HIV positive, his troubled childhood and his addiction. He shared about the heartbreak of growing up with rejection from his father, how he was a very angry man who showed no care or concern for his kids.

When Chris opened up to his family about being HIV positive they shunned him even more. He knew his addiction to drugs was just to mask the emotional pain he has felt since childhood but that he was a place in his life where he didn’t want to mask it any longer. He shared how as a child he felt this desire to be a preacher. We were able to listen, hug, encourage him and pray that God would bring freedom, healing and restoration to this man’s life.

A few hours later, Laura came into the gym to thank us for being there for her in her darkest moments. She shared that she has been off the streets and clean for seven months and was experiencing life in a whole new way. She not only wanted to thank us but she offered to sponsor 20 of our local youth to go to an Aviation Day Camp, which we graciously accepted.

Through the Price Hill Lord’s Gym God is inspiring our friends that there is hope and He is transforming hearts daily.

Our vision: Transformed lives changing individuals, families, neighborhoods, and generations for the glory of God.