A note from Tom Lipsey...

When I pulled up to the Family Activity Center in Price Hill (FAC) on Thanksgiving morning we (the Lord’s Gym Ministries) had already cooperated with Union Savings bank to give out hundreds of thanksgiving precooked meals for families in need.

Already the attitude of gratitude was in the air!

As God says in I Thessalonians 5:18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus!

Upon pulling up our volunteer friends from the streets were raring to go in feeding folks.  When I opened the door they immediately began to turn our facility into a nice restaurant ready to treat folks to a great meal in a great environment.

It hit me how much pride our friends take in our place. With meticulous attention to detail they cleaned, disinfected, and set up the place for families to feel the touch of God’s love through food and belonging.

The next to arrive were our volunteers from Northern Cincinnati who have a heart for the poor.  A mom and her recently graduated from college daughters came in and immediately began to add a woman’s touch to the serving system, as well as bringing with them some delicious home cooked thanksgiving dishes.

We decided to have our friends seated and treat them like they were at a nice restaurant. Then the food began to arrive from City Gospel Mission – turkey, dressing, pie, sides.

Then another round of volunteers from Northern Cincinnati arrived with a heart to bless our less fortunate friends. They too brought some delicious thanksgivings sides to share with our friends. It was a meal for the ages.

At noon we began to let the line forming at the door enter our beautiful thanksgiving restaurant at the FAC!

There was the smell of good food, some great worship music playing in the back ground, and fantastic waiters and waitresses ready to serve and receive our friends. Folks were all smiles. A prayer of thanksgiving was offered and the food began to flow to the tables.

If I heard thank you once I heard it scores more times! It was beautiful!! Gratitude is contagious and it is God’s will for all of us!

When all was said and done probably 100 folks were served and satisfied and 15 volunteers all returned to their families satisfied and satiated with God’s love. Greatness in God’s Kingdom always includes becoming a servant to others in the manner that Jesus was/is a servant King to us. What a great kick off this has been to a terrific holiday season in trying times!

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