Let's Go Panthers...

Last week Lord’s Gym Ministries held a banquet honoring the Panthers football players and cheerleaders. It was an exciting night for the kids and their parents, as well as the coaches.

“It was a great season,” said Chaplain CJ. “We were honored to serve the kids and community. Challenges came but we overcame, and we had a blast.”

For parents like Katie, who had three of her children in the program, the season meant a lot.

“My sone wants to be a professional football player,” she said. “So, he had to be apart of the program this year. It’s really a great thing. It gets the kids out of the house, outside and keeps them from trouble. I’ve noticed a difference in my kids, a big difference.”

For the players like Saul it’s all about having fun – and learning some great life skills.

“I learned how to hike the ball,” he said. “My favorite thing is tackling though. And I made friends.”

Wayne, 8, said he enjoyed all the activity, especially running and hiking the ball.

“I like the coaches a lot,” he said.

Another mother, Kayla said the football program has created a community.

“It’s really brought everyone – parents and kids – together,” she said.

Tamika who’s son was involved in the program said it’s all about making “connections.”

“The Lord’s Gym really cares about the community,” she said. “They care about my son, my family. Their support has been really good for us. The football program is a life changer. The kids aren’t bored, they’re staying out of trouble. The sport teaches them important life skills and best of all they’re learning about God through prayer and devotions.”