A life transformed...

It was the people who go out into the streets to minister and feed people who changed Gerrit’s life.

“These people, like those at Lord’s Gym, gave me a solid foundation to grow in Christ and get into the presence of God,” Gerrit said.

Gerrit, 33, has been in recovery for a year. Life before, he said, was a “living hell.” All of it was he created with bad choices. He started using drugs after his parents divorced and when he was 14 he got kicked out of his home.

“It was a life without Jesus and that was not what God had intended so of course I was miserable trying to fill the God sized hole in my heart that only the Holy spirit could fill,” he said.

 Lord’s Gym in Price Hill was a safe place Gerrit could go. It was place where you he wasn’t judged.

“Many times, I was starving, and they would just so happen to be open and I could eat without having to steal,” he said. “They are a blessing. I’m truly grateful for their gestures of kindness and compassion.”

Gerrit overdosed eight times in Price Hill.

“God always made sure there was someone there to help me at my most desperate times His mercy and grade and beyond comprehension,” he said.

Today Gerrit is an intern at Heritage House. God has restored everything the Devil stole from him:  Love, joy, purpose family, friends and peace.

“That hole in my heart is now not just filled, it is overflowing,” he said. “Thank You God for making a way and never giving up on me.”