A message inspired by our friend Floyd

Floyd is a big man. At first glance, his presence can be a little intimidating. But once you hear that jovial belly-shaking laugh and see that angel smile, you know He’s a man of God.

Floyd has been coming to the Covington Lord’s Gym for a year now. He’s a regular and a big help at the gym. Floyd loves the gym and encourages everyone there in their walk with the Lord.

According to Floyd, the Lord’s Gym is God’s place. “When I first came in here, I said ‘Wow!’ I could just feel the Spirit. This is the place to be cause this is where God is.” And that’s just where Floyd wants to be — walking with the Lord. His zeal is infectious. Floyd is a living and breathing example of Jesus and He said he wants to be more like Jesus everyday. He’s getting there for sure. And here’s three things we can learn from Floyd’s walk with the Lord.

  • Seek and You will find. Floyd a man in his senior years, said he thought he knew it all. Until God. “I found out I didn’t know a thing. God’s been teaching me.” The top thing he’s learned is that when you need for help… ask! “The Lord is always willing to help us. He is the Shepherd Who takes care of His flock.”
  • Put your love into action. Floyd said another thing He’s learning is to express “love for your brother and sister, not just with words, but action.
  • Tell everybody. Finally, Floyd said the Lord wants him to “tell everybody” about His love. “Jesus’ love is the most important thing.”

What are you waiting for? Seek the Lord, put His love into action and tell everybody about the love of Jesus!