Recovery with God...

“Where’s the best place to be on a Monday night?” Heather asks the standing crowd at Revive Church.

“Celebrate Recovery,” the group replies in unison.

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ centered, 12-step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind. The Price Hill chapter, available through a partnership between BLOC Ministries and Lord’s Gym Ministries, meets every Monday from 6 to 9 p.m. at Revive Church, 931 McPherson Ave., Price Hill.

On this Monday night, the worship is on fire. The Lord’s spirit moves individuals to sway and raise hands in praise. The vocals, on par, are heartfelt and soulful. It’s a beautiful sight.

But even more beautiful are the lives touched.

Each week Celebrate Recovery in Price Hill sees 60 or more people coming in for support and guidance to walk away or keep away from addiction, said LGM Director of Ministry Partner Development Tom Lipsey.

“Celebrate Recovery and FOCAS/Lord’s Gym is committed to helping people live above their hurts, habits, and hang-ups,” Tom said. “We want to see them live in victory – sober and whole.”

Mark, 61, has been a part of Celebrate Recovery for a few years and started coming to the Price Hill chapter a few months ago.

“It helps me stay sober,” he said. “You’re around sincere hearted people who want the same thing. I will fail if I’m around fake people not learning. All I’ve worked for will have been in vain. The people here are true people.”

Tiffany, 38, started coming to Celebrate Recovery several months ago. She chose to be apart of the program because “the principles are biblically-based and that goes along with faith-based recovery. Recovery won’t work without God.”

She also loves that the people in the program are consistently there for her during her recovery.

Zach, 33, who has also been coming for a few months appreciates the “integrity of the program and people he’s surrounded by.”

“I love that you’re with those who’ve been through it,” he said. “The accountability is awesome. You can reach out and get prayers when needed and there’s no judgement. This group really walks with people and keeps Jesus at the center – that’s the most important thing.”