A Message From Melissa Reinert, Communications Coordinator

There’s a ship out, on the ocean
At the mercy of the sea
It’s been tossed about, lost and broken
Wandering aimlessly
And God somehow you know that ship is me

‘Cause there’s a lighthouse, in the harbor
Shining faithfully
Pouring its light out, across the water
For this sinking soul to see
That someone out there still believes in me…”

I’m a big fan of country music. Especially that from the 90s. Garth Brooks is one of the most unique entertainers in the industry. I remember how popular he was when I was a kid. In 2000, the year I graduated high school, he released a song called “Until You Come Back to Me Again.”

The lyrics are powerful and very spiritual. In college when I struggled with various circumstances, I often listened to this song for encouragement.

Today, I still find hope in this song; it’s now two-fold. One the one hand, I’m still that ship, tossed about at the mercy of the sea. The Lord has blessed me with many lighthouses (my family and friends) who have shined such wonderful light in my life.

On the other hand, I’m a lighthouse to those “tossed about, lost and broken, wandering aimlessly. With the Lord’s help and conviction, I’m shining faithfully, pouring light out across dark waters for sinking souls to see. They see that I believe in them. That I care. That, in the Lord, I have a deep love for them.

Today, I want to encourage you to listen to these lyrics and reflect on your own opportunities to to be a lighthouse in the harbor – shining to bring home – lead to Jesus – those sinking souls.

During that reflection, I ask, that you consider shining your light on our friends at Lord’s Gym Ministries. Become a part of this ministry through praying, volunteering or giving. Be a voice that keeps them, as the lyrics continue, “hanging on. A voice “raining down, against the wind.” Life’s circumstances can be like the ocean can be dark, cold and overtaking. Be a lighthouse.