A Message from Scott.

Here at Lord’s Gym Ministries in the Greater Cincinnati Tri Stare Area we continue to operate in serving our friends who are the most vulnerable. First – “thank you” for your prayers and help as we serve together during these challenging times. In complying with the governor’s orders, our gyms are closed and our other indoor ministry activities are suspended temporarily. Since we maintain religious facilities and provide ministry in the context of social services, we have made a few changes to executing ministry. 

Working Together

Coordination is the operative word here as we work with other ministries such as BLOC, Urban Outreach, City Gospel, and churches to share our resources and time. We are even in contact with some of the schools in Price Hill to see how we can be of help. Our essential staff and volunteers provide “Grab and Go” bags of food that can be distributed to our friends and youth from our Family Activity Center in Price Hill. Loitering and fellowship are not permitted.

 On The Move

For those who cannot make it, we (Tom, Danny, Brandon, C.J. and Lola) load up our truck and van and drop off food to our families in need. James, Greg, and Mo are coordinating the services to our homeless friends in Covington at the Covington Convention Center. People can get showers at our Lord’s Gym in Queensgate through James and Greg’s coordinated efforts. We are very grateful to the churches, individuals, and foundations who have reached out to us to provide encouragement and resources that are both material and financial. (Go to www.LordsGymMinistires.org if you would like to make a donation.)

 A Day In The Life

Today, was an incredible day of mobile ministry, according to Price Hill Chaplain Brandon.

 “We were able to deliver snacks, dinners, hygiene, cleaning supplies, and the most coveted item in America – toilet paper – to several families in Price Hill,” he said. “Most of which are single mothers or grandparents who are caring for their grandchildren.

God is good and He is making a way to shine His light in uncertain times.

Reaching More People

Yesterday, across town, God showed up in multiple ways, opening doors to relationships and new “eyes and ears” to Lord’s Gym Ministries, according to Queensgate Chaplain C.J.

 C.J. had established a relationship with the hotel manager of the InnTown Suites on Colerain Avenue and told them about our mobile mission. The hotel manager immediately made a sign-up sheet for struggling families at the hotel to receive care packages. 

 Within a day, eight  families had signed up. The care packages will come this Friday. Several families had already picked up cleaning care packages from Lord’s Gym Ministries.  

 People began to ask where these “blessings” were coming from.

 “I had the opportunity to tell about how the Lord’s gym ministries is engaging the community,” C.J. said. “God is good and his mercy endures forever.” 

 Our Culture

While practicing social distancing and other appropriate safety precautions our ministry continues to serve some of the most vulnerable in Greater Cincinnati. It comes down to our vision, mission, and culture.

 In the last 9 months, FOCAS has adopted and implemented a cultural framework from Tim Kight’s Focus 3 organization out of Columbus. The formula is simple. It is E (Event or Situation) + (plus) R (our Reaction) = (equals) Outcome. Our reaction is the only thing we can control!

Today, as always, our Outcome (vision and mission) has not changed. The Event/Situation is the C-19 virus which we cannot control. That leaves our Reaction, which we can choose to control. We will comply with our government leaders and continue to faithfully serve as much as possible within those constraints. While there are many things to think about when processing our reactions, things we want to emphasize is our faith in God, our attitude (don’t Blame, Complain, or Deflect), and staying engaged and disciplined day by day in response to the unfolding unique situation before us.

 Pray Continuously

Above all, join us in prayer as we seek God’s protection for our country, our leaders, each other, and our staff. Please follow us on social media (Facebook – FOCAS/Lord’s Gym) if you would like to stay connected and receive updates.

May God richly bless you as you stand firm.

Scott Bowers

Executive Director