A Message From Chaplain Danny.

We thank God that we were able to return last week to work and to be able to bless our friends. Between Wednesday and Friday we served about 134 meals. On Thursday we went out to deliver to several people in need, including several young people from the center and the football team. We fed about 27 kids last week. The testimonies of gratitude are many (all to the glory of God) but I was struck by the particular testimony below.

Last Wednesday a young man in his 30s asked me if I could bring bags of snacks to his four sons and two nephews who were staying at his house. I wrote his address and promised that the next day I would bring the bags to the boys.

When I arrived at his house on Glenway I left the bags on the porch. I knocked on the door and his wife opened it, she didn’t know who I was, but when she saw the bags her facial expression changed. When I identified myself, she called her husband and with joy he almost broke social distancing to hug me. With teary eyes, he thanked me for keeping my word and because their food supply for the children had already run out. God’s timing always just right.