A Message from Chaplain James in Covington...

One of the outreach workers at the Welcome House found Wayne on the streets a couple weeks ago.  He was fresh out of jail, and someone had stolen his bag that had his greyhound ticket to get back to Louisville in it. Not knowing where else to turn, they dropped him off at the gym.

We were able to love on him, get him some clothes, food, and begin to minister to our new brother.  One of our volunteers from our local church even agreed to drive him back to his family in Louisville so he could briefly reconnect and get some important documents for him to begin working. That same volunteer (Joe) brought him back to Covington and even took him to the DMV to get his ID the following week.  

Wayne then began attending Bible studies and decided to fully surrender his life to Christ. We were blessed to be able to baptize him!  

Finally, he is starting his new job through the JobCenter and has been supplied with boots and bus passes to get him started.  We will likely be able to facilitate him entering the sober living house across the street from the gym, as well as pick him up for church weekly.  

God is good!