Lessons from the TransAm..

This past summer Scott Bowers, 64, of Cincinnati biked across country via the TansAm Bike Trail. He spent three months on the road and covered more than 4K miles! He did it all to raise awareness of youth addiction and how the Youth Resiliency Adventure can end addition. That’s right, END addiction! It’s a all order, but we think, together, we’re up to the task.

One of the things Scott learned on his journey was that addiction is prevalent throughout the U.S. He quickly realized the dire need for programming that assists in the prevention of youth addiction. Such programming will be expanded next year in Cincinnati with your support. Visit YRAdventure.com for details.

Another thing Scott learned is sometimes you must change your perspective. Optics can be deceiving.

“When I crested a hill, I was often greeted with another one in the distance. Too often, looking at the impending incline from a heightened distance, I perceived the oncoming incline as another demanding hill. As I descended, I shifted into a more appropriate gear range to hasten my acceleration so that I could charge of the hill while bleeding off my newfound momentum,” he said.

“You can imagine the smile on my face to find the incline to be just a small grade as my momentum and spinning carried me to its crest. The perceived steep incline ended up being a shallow grade. From above, viewing it from the previous crest, the optics created the illusion of steepness. Once I changed my perspective and got closer, I discovered the truth.”

Scott learned is sometimes you must change your perspective. Optics can be deceiving. This applies to your fight against addiction.

The fight against addiction is tough. As overdoses increase and statistics grow more staggering it seems as if there’s no end in sight. But, there is and we’re going to bring it to an end. Join us for the Youth Resiliency Adventure (YRAdventure.com). #YRAdventure2nAddiction