A Message from Chaplain Brandon...

Last Tuesday was an extraordinarily miraculous evening.

Volunteers on the STORM bus prayed: “God led us to the person we need to see.”

Not two minutes later we meet a young woman and her young son who were on the run for their lives.

As two of the members started making calls with mom, a businessman has her son, with freshly pee-drenched shorts, standing against his leg playing on his phone; they prayed, comforted, and showed out the love of God in a way that will forever alter the precious life of this mom and son as they now have a safe place to rebuild.

The team I serve with are the most incredible men and woman on the face of the earth.

They serve from a place of brokenness and humility; they know what it’s like to feel hopeless, terrified, and forgotten. They also know how God’s light shines the brightest in the darkest moments which leads them to be available to be that light for others.

Update from volunteer Kim: We got the mom and her son to a safe house. On the way there, the mom shared that she had talked to her father earlier in the day and he had told her the only person she could trust to help her was God.

She said she had ben pacing the parking lot where we met her praying aloud to the Lord to send someone to help her and we pulled up.

God wastes nothing, even when we think our actions are in vain. He is working on something bigger than us! He is always looking out for and taking care of His children!