A Note From Melissa Reinert, Communications Coordinator...

This year has been tough. So tough it has many deeply longing for the joyful holiday season. So much so, that many have already decked the halls and even wrapped some presents. I admit, my home is decorated in and out and I’ve been jamming to Christmas tunes since Oct. 31.

I wanted to surround myself with a few things – decorations and music – that bring a little extra joy. I have so many fond memories of holiday seasons passed and truly, this is my favorite time of the year.

There’s even scientific studies that say people who decorate earlier are happier. And it has indeed boosted my spirits this year.

I also enjoy this time of year because I love to reflect on the giving of the greatest gift of all time – God’s one and only Son Jesus. It’s not about the sparkling tree or pretty paper or silk ribbons. Christmas is about Christ. It’s about His entering into this world, the life He lived, His sacrificial death and most importantly his glorious resurrection. There is no greater hope.

As I was driving home last night listening to my Christmas jams, I couldn’t help but think of how so many of us need a little Christmas right this very minute. And then it hit me, shouldn’t this be how we are all year long? Not the holiday preparations… but the preparation of our hearts.

Jesus is our Saviour all year long. Why aren’t we reflecting on this every single moment? We get so busy with the hustle bustle we sometimes forget to make Him the center of our lives. We get so bogged down with the turmoil happening in the world, we push aside the fact that God so loved the world He sent Jesus to save it.

If you need a little Christmas, go ahead decorate. But, remember you need the one for Whom the holiday season is really about – the Christ, if you’re going to have true joy that lasts.