All are welcome...

Shelly and her husband Kevin got caught up in addiction and ended up homeless.


“I wanted to die,” she said. “I couldn’t see a way out.”


Now she sees the Light and it’s Jesus.


“I felt no one cared,” she said. “Then, I found Lord’s Gym. We were welcomed in. We were loved. This is my home and my family. They connected us to resources, helped us get clean, gave us food and clothes and are helping us get our life back together.”


Now Shelly and her husband are volunteering at the Lord’s Gym Family Activity Center in Price Hill. Shelly was also recently baptized there.


“This place is amazing,” said Kevin. “It’s really given us a sense of purpose. We’re volunteering and doing something to help them help the community. It’s a great feeling.”


Shelly said one of her other favorite things to do at the gym is to study the Bible.


“The Word got through to me here,” she said. “I’m closer to God than I’ve ever been. The Lord Gym is a great blessing. God brought us here. This is the Lord’s home. It was a part of His plan. I don’t deserve this but it’s all God’s grace.”


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