Partnerships in ministry grows faith and builds relationships. Just ask those local churches who are working with us at Lord’s Gym Ministires.

Passion Community Church Lead Pastor Andy Ziegenfuss says: “Serving makes us come face to face with areas of growth in our own lives as well as reach people who may not have a support structure.”

Passion Community Church has been working with Lord’s Gym in Price Hill to provide and help distribute 100s of meals during COVID-19.

“This partnership helps us to be cautious against unintentional discrimination and myopic vision when it comes to our city and the people God loves,” he said. “God truly loves all people.”

Brian Taylor, pastor at Bethel Cincinnati Church, says serving with Lord’s Gym is a great way to connect.

Bethel has conducted outreach in the park.

“Lord’s Gym has allowed us to see that church goes beyond the walls of our building,” he said. “Most importantly we’re making Jesus happy; when we’re serving together, He’s smiling.”

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