On the Front Lines: A Message From Chaplain Danny...

We continue to impact young despite the limitations we have faced due to the pandemic situation and increasing cases. If there is something I have found in the community we serve, it is the lack of parental involvement. Especially the role of the father. Many of these children do not have a father figure, but in many others, the father figure is present but at the same time absent to take the time to build the character of their son or daughter.

On another topic, last Monday we started playing tennis, on Wednesdays we are in the swimming pool of the recreation center. Every Thursday we continue with our bike trip. So far this summer we have impacted 25 young with this ministry!

One of the things I like about the bike ministry is that it is developing an attitude of not giving up and going the extra mile. This ministry is changing the mindset around them, a mindset of giving up as soon as things get tough.

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