A Message From Communications Coordinator Melissa Reinert

My older son, who will be 16 in March, is starting to think about what he wants to do after high school. He makes very good grades, straight As this quarter. We are proud. He is on the high-end of the Autism Spectrum and has worked extra hard to accomplish his goals in school. He is very blessed.

I was talking with him the  other day, telling him how important his studies are now and how even more important they will be in college, if that’s the path God takes him. Looking back, I should have told him too, to pay attention. Not just pay attention in class, but what’s going on around you and in your life at this point. Be in the moment. Don’t concentrate or worry about meeting your goal so much that you miss the journey or those special little moments.

Sadly, this is something I did not do.

I spent so much of my time studying. Which is not bad, but it becomes bad when it ensues worry that consumes you. Just an example: At my college, if you graduated with honors, a bell would ring to signify those honors as you walked across the stage.

I spent four years dreaming of hearing that bell ring. I studied. I worked hard. I earned my graduation with honors. I couldn’t wait to hear the bell.

The day of graduation I was filled mixed emotions; so happy to have made it; so sad to leave my friends. I was nervous too. Nervous about walking across the stage and nervous about starting life and reaching my goals.

While thinking on all of this, my name was called, I stood and walked across the stage for my diploma. And you know what, that thing I couldn’t wait for, I had completely lost sight of in that moment of mayhem going on in my mind. The bell rang. I didn’t hear it.

This can apply to many areas of life. Especially spiritual. Sometimes as we’re following the Lord; striving to run a good race, we loose sight of what’s important, God’s direction – our relationship with the Lord. We get so wrapped up in where we’re going and how we’re going to get there that we miss His voice.

As you’re busy about His business on this Earth, take time to hear Him. Don’t miss the bell.