How we’ve been serving
We have re-opened the gyms and are following proper protocol according to state mandates.

During the Covid-19 stay at home order, Lord’s Gym Ministries continued to serve the community. We visited our friends at their front porches, sharing encouraging words and dropping of much-needed food and supplies. The Family Activity Center served warm meals while practicing social distancing and other state-required protocols.

How you can help

Pray. Remember our friends in prayer, by asking God to provide for the safety of our friends, staff and volunteers. Pray for encouragement, peace and open hearts to the Gospel.

Volunteer. We still have plenty of hands-on opportunities that will allow you to connect to our friends and be a blessing, of course while practicing social distancing and other safety measures.

Give. Your gift can help the hundreds by showing them God’s love in practical ways.

How can we help you

If you need assistance during Covid-19, please contact us at 513-621-5300 or email